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Moru Kutan ( Butter milk curry )

This spring quarter I took some courses to keep myself occupied. Lately I started to realize that it has become too hectic for me and I hardly get time for myself. I love blogging and reading blogs, which I couldn’t do for past one month. I am just waiting for this quarter to get over and take a break:) .This recipe I learnt my mother-n-law and I like the way she makes this recipe. Moru curry can be made with okra, ash gourd, plantain and yam. I made this recipe with ash gourd (white pumpkin). Here it goes:)


  • 1 cup of ash gourd finely chopped
  • 2cups of butter milk
  • ¼ cup water
  • ½ tsp turmeric
  • Salt to taste


  • 2tsp rice
  • 1tsp mustard
  • 1tsp cumin seeds
  • ½ tsp chana dal
  • 5-6 seeds of coriander
  • Green chilies 4-5
  • ½ cup coconut


  • Oil, mustard, ½ tsp fenugreek seeds, red chilies, and curry leaves


  • Marinate rice, mustard, cumin, chana dal, and coriander seeds for 30 minutes in water.
  • Grind green chilies, coconut, rice, mustard, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and chana dal in a mixer or blender to a smooth paste.
  • Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, red chilies, fenugreek seeds, and curry leaves.
  • Add the ash gourd pieces, water, turmeric and salt and cover cook for few minutes until the veggie gets cooked.
  • Add the ground paste and cook for few minutes.
  • Add the butter milk and mix along with the mixture. Cook in low heat for few more minutes until the form appears. Do not allow it to boil.
Serve hot with rice and pappad.


Blogger ரவி said...

சூப்பரா இருக்கு....looks very good...நல்லா எழுதறீங்க...

1:57 AM   Edit

hmmm...Try this with ripe mango too...Though I dont really like this, my hubbs loves this..Do you add rice while grinding for the buttermilk to be more sour or something? Your output looks good! :)

9:45 AM   Edit
Blogger Priya Bhaskaran said...

wakeup, Hmm that is interesting:) will give a try with ripe mangos. I add rice to make the curry thicker:)

5:46 PM   Edit
Blogger RP said...

Priya, morukootan looks great. Check out my version of moru kootaan with ripe mangoes.

8:54 PM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are invited to the Mistress of Spices. I am waiting for your entry.

Btw, nice recipe :)

8:31 AM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should give this recipe a try. Nice pictures, Priya

10:16 AM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one priya. I have tasted many curried with buttermilk, but didn't know the recipe :(. Thanks for sharing.

4:56 PM   Edit
Blogger Vaishali said...

Using rice to make the curry thicker is something new to me. Should try it out now.

7:43 AM   Edit
Blogger Krithika said...

Nice recipe. We dont add rice only chana dal.

7:04 AM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! I found this blog from flickr. Your blog opened me to world of indian food blogs. Thanks! I will visit again.

7:33 PM   Edit
Blogger indianadoc said...

Yeah moru koottan is one common South Indian curry which you can permute with different vegetables...i think I can link it with one of my posts.

3:57 AM   Edit
Blogger lost in thoughts said...

Hi Priya !

I have tagged you for a meme...check out my blog. Hope you play. Looking forward to your list of 10 foods you miss most !


4:31 PM   Edit
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Priya,

I tried this recipe with the only change: i added 4-5 pepper corns and less no. of chillies, the result was delicious!! thanks.

11:37 PM   Edit
Blogger Known Stranger said...

oph oh oh oh.. mom.. please give me recipe for moor kozhamhbu

3:39 AM   Edit

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